'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Who's Texting Who?

Karent SierraFirst things first, Real Housewives of Miami fans (if there are any?) -- Elsa Patton is fine. Or at least she seems to have suffered no damage from the fall we saw her take on the season premiere last week.

Phew, she was up and about dishing out advice and gems of wisdom, like this little beauty she gave to Adriana De Moura who was debating her relationship with Fred: "You have to learn how to put your head on the right pillow -- the pillow filled with money." She was also well enough to go cleanse Marysol's office and throw rice all over it and everyone else around for good energy.

It's Karent Sierra (I'm still really having trouble with that "t" on the end of Karen) who really needs to enlist Mama Elsa's help in predicting the future of her love life though.


Rumors have been swirling that Karent's sexy soap opera man, Rodolfo Jiménez, may have a thing for Ana Quincoces. According to Ana, he calls and texts her all of the time, yet last week he introduced himself to her as if he'd never met her. It was sketchy for sure.

Tonight Adriana played the drama maker and marched right up to Karent (at a party, of course) and told her that the ladies were questioning if they were a serious couple or not. Through her perfect, blinding white teeth, Karent pretended to not give the rumors a shred of credibility. She says Rodolfo showed her all of Ana's texts TO him and that she's the one going after him.

Hmmmm. Who to believe? I have no idea, though Ana did seem to have some proof. Regardless, my gut says that Rodolfo probably doesn't have eyes for Karent alone even if it's not Ana he's into. He's probably texting more than a few women, and I doubt texting is all he's doing. Just my gut.

The confrontation didn't get too heated, as Karent tried to take the high road, saying she was above all of it, which is great, but frankly not a lot of fun to watch. I doubt that's the end we'll hear of it though, and previews promise more action. Let's hope so.

Do you think Ana is into Rodolfo or the other way around?


Image via Bravo

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