'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Is Nobody's Gold Digger

Emily MaynardIt was pretty obvious from the beginning of The Bachelorette and seeing Emily Maynard's home that she wasn't poor. Still, that didn't stop people from calling her a "gold digger" and claiming that she only wants rich men. Well all that can be put to rest now.

It turns out Emily? Is worth more than Jeff. Reports have her worth about $5 million, though it's unclear where all that money came from. Her time as Bachelorette did earn her a cool $250,000 -- the most any other contestant has ever made -- but that isn't super rich money, especially after taxes. My guess is some combination of her late fiance being Ricky Hendrick and maybe some kind of settlement is what fed her bottom line.

Whatever the reason, the girl has got bank. So maybe she wants to be with someone else who won't try to take her for HER money when he has his own? Is that really so wrong?


Women are always getting criticized for being "gold diggers." Emily is just the latest. Sure, I have seen women who don't want to work, who want only to latch onto a man with moola and go from there, but Emily isn't one of them.

Everything I have seen of Emily indicates that she just wants a man who works hard for their family and is her equal in terms of finances. What's so wrong with that?

The real question that comes up here is this: Can a man who doesn't make as much as a woman feel like her equal? It doesn't really seem like it.

Emily is a beautiful woman who is feisty and smart and funny, but she has had a lot of trouble finding love again in her life. Maybe that is because she is comfortable financially and with her daughter. Maybe she doesn't have enough "need."

She needs an equal. Jef Holm seems to be that.

Do you think Emily is a gold digger?


Image via ABC

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