'Jersey Shore' Meets 'Gangnam Style' & Much Awesomeness Ensues (VIDEO)

Vinny GuadagninoAs you're probably more than aware, pretty much everyone is doing their take on "Gangnam Style." From lifeguards to Ellen DeGeneres, everyone wants to get their groove on like Korean rapper Psy himself. The latest taking a crack at it is Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino, and he deserves more than a few fist pumps for his efforts.

It's filmed in what looks to be someone's living room, and a variety of kids come in and out of the scenes. Or to be more accurate, they steal the scenes. These kids have some serious moves, and Vinny is pretty fly himself. Check them out after the jump.


Pretty good, right? If the women were DTF with Vinny before, just wait until they see this. Ready the smush room!

I kept waiting for Pauly D or one of the other Jersey Shore cast members to come out, which would have been even better, but I'm a fan. And with Jersey Shore coming to an end, Vinny is going to have to look for other gigs. Dancing seems a lot more marketable than his GTL skills.

What do you think of Vinny doing "Gangnam Style"?


Image via YouTube

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