'Real Housewives' Star May Be Responsible for Lindsay Lohan's Latest Accident

Karent SierraOh what a strange, small world it is. It seems Lindsay Lohan's latest accident this morning in New York in which she allegedly hit a pedestrian with her Porsche, may have one of the new stars of The Real Housewives of Miami in hot water.

It's a twisted mess, but here it is. According to TMZ, RHOM star, Karent Sierra, the uber glamorous dentist to the stars, is the owner of the car LiLo was driving, at least in name. Sierra apparently sold the Porsche to Lindsay's friend, Domingo Zapata (Sierra is his dentist), a few months back, and he let LiLo drive it.

Sierra was apparently so busy with Real Housewives business and the like that she hadn't gotten around to doing all the paperwork, so the car is still in her name. That supposedly means, according to New York State law, that if the victim sues the dentist may have to cough up the cash.

A pretty painful lesson in the importance of crossing your "i's" and dotting your "t's," no?


Sierra's rep released a statement that said:

Through filming for Real Housewives of Miami, press engagements, and crazy travel schedules, the paperwork has not been executed 100% for the sale of the Porsche. But [Dr. Sierra] is not responsible for the unfortunate occurrence that took place with Ms. Lohan and the pedestrian.

Of course, no one thinks she's responsible for the accident, but whether she'll be responsible legally remains to be seen. It would seem totally unfair and outrageous if she is, but the good news here for the dentist and RHOM is that this could prove to be a nice list of boost of unplanned publicity.

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The show tanked in its first season, and while the first episode looked promising, they have a lot of work to do to save the city when it comes to the franchise. As they say, any publicity is good publicity, so Bravo may just end up thanking Lindsay for this little snafu with benefits that even they couldn't have imagined orchestrating.

Do you think Karent should be held liable if the victim sues?


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