'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Kyle King's Latest Breakup May Be All for Show

maci bookout kyle kingAlmost as fast as Teen Mom Maci Bookout and Kyle King got back together this summer, it appears they've broken up. AGAIN. While neither party has yet to actually confirm the split, their Twitter accounts seem to say it all. The evidence that Maci and Kyle are a couple no more? The two have stopped following one another on Twitter, Kyle has deleted every single photo of himself with Maci, and this past weekend, Maci was lookin' hot and tweeting, "sooo... there was this realllly good looking guy i met tonight .....but he was a gator fan."

Sad? Sort of, I suppose. (Mostly because poor lil' Bentley must be sooo confused by now!) But if you consider the way Teen Mom relationships tend to shake out as any indication of what the future holds for Maci and Kyle, there's absolutely no reason to cry in our cornflakes over this!


Jenelle Evans may be a total trainwreck -- a top contender, possibly tied with Amber Portwood, for the worst of all stars in the franchise -- but she's clearly not the only one who can't seem to stop breaking up and getting back together and breaking up again with exes. And I'd argue that it's not necessarily that they're immature or that they aren't meant to be with the S.O.s they dump and reunite with. Instead, it's all about a craving for DRAMA!

Hello, we're talking about young women who have had no problem showcasing the most personal moments in their life on a reality show. It's no wonder they're feeding off of drama in their love lives!

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if it's only a matter of time before Maci and Kyle are back together again. You know, maybe after Maci has a brief hookup with her other ex, Kyle "2.0" Regal -- who, surprise surprise, she recently re-friended on Twitter. Dun dun daaaah!

Do you agree the Teen Moms crave drama in their relationships? Would you guess Maci and Kyle's breakup is totally temporary?

Image via MTV

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