'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Moving in on Snooki's Turf

Jenelle evansI've never felt sympathy for an entire state before, but it seems New Jersey just can't get enough of trainwreck reality stars. Snooki up and has a baby and turns domestic, but now she's being replaced. Jenelle Evans, scandal-plagued star of Teen Mom 2, is busy apartment hunting in the Garden State!

Until now, MTV fans have gotten to see Evans' shenanigans filmed in eastern North Carolina, where she has lived on and off with mom Barbara and son Jace. But after reuniting with (also on-again/off-again) boyfriend Kieffer Delp, Evans took a recent trip to the Dirty Jerz, and she's not looking back.


It shouldn't be that much of a shocker, folks. Jersey is, after all, Delp's home state, and the two have had fun there before -- as we saw in the episode when she took her mom's credit card to fund her trip. And as Jenelle told Starcasm when she announced her move north:

Very happy I got out of North Carolina. It hurts really bad to be leaving Jace behind with my mom but he is safe as of now and starting out fresh is the best step I have taken so far to get my son back.

Considering Jace is still back in North Carolina, it seems like a move that far away would be anything but a step toward getting him back. But this is classic Jenelle, and Jersey is right up her alley.

When we met her back in her 16 & Pregnant days, she was a self-described party girl who loved the beach. Fast forward to now, and while grandma takes care of Jace, she's still living a kid-free carefree lifestyle, and the Jersey Shore we've seen on MTV is all about being kid-free and carefree. She's practically perfect to step into Snooki's shoes ... I can see the New Jersey cops prepping the mace and nightsticks already, how 'bout you?

Hold up! Snooki may have done one good thing for the state before she disappeared into the bliss of mommyhood. The so-called Snookiville law drafted to help protect townships from reality show mishegas should keep the Jenelle Evans scandal storm from taking over the Garden State.

And the residents don't have to worry about getting caught too off-guard. She shares every moment of her life on her Twitter account.

What do you think of Jenelle's move to New Jersey? Is she angling to be the next Snooki?


Image via MTV

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