'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja Morgan Puts Aviva Drescher in Her Place

Aviva DrescherAfter the disaster of a trip to St. Barths, The Real Housewives of New York were back in the Big Apple, but still rehashing the same old fight that happened on the island. Or at least Aviva Drescher was -- over and over recanting how poorly she was received, how "disgusting" Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan behaved, and how huge of an effort it was for her to get there.

With evidently no self-awareness in her self-centered body, she kept bringing it up at every random lunch or dinner they constructed. Heather Thomson (who has suddenly become quite likeable after she got off to an irritating start) even tried to get her to shut up and see that she needed to take some responsibility for the situation, but that wasn't about to happen.


Instead Aviva the Diva just continued to recant the infractions against her and threw out some new names for Ramona including, "a cheesy, cheesy low-class woman." Add that to white trash, which Aviva and all of her fancy education can't even define properly.

She did attempt to get Sonja back on her good side though, and invited her to dinner so they could "talk as two moms in a civilized manner." I'm sure she expected to recant her same story yet again, give Sonja a chance to apologize and kiss her ass, and then figure out how she could pit her against Ramona. But Sonja was having none of it. Instead she let her have it.

"You have said some things you cannot take back," she told her. "You defamed my character ... I can’t have a friend like that."

Then Aviva blathered on some more about being duped and betrayed by Ramona and condescendingly told Sonja she was better than the way she acted in St. Barths. But Sonja -- thankfully -- wasn't giving her any love.

"Whatever you tell me about your feelings now, I don’t care," she said. "I’m over you."

Then she hit her with, "I don’t know who you think you are really. You put out an air that you think you’re better than others."

Bingo! Then she zoomed in with a final zinger, "You're a liability."

Stunned, Aviva tried to turn it all on Sonja and talk about her downward spiral, but Sonja rose and left with her dignity (and hat) intact, while Aviva was left licking her wounded ego.

Sonja's all about fun and partying, but when she needs to get serious she can. And she did. Good for her -- that almost made up for that atrocious headband she wore in the first scene. Aviva deserved that and more, and based on previews for next week, she just may get the more from Ramona.

Were you glad to see Sonja Morgan tell off Aviva Drescher?


Image via Bravo

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