Farrah Abraham's 'Teen Mom' Spin-Off Might Just Bore Us to Death

Farrah AbrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham has announced that she will be starring in a spin-off from the popular Teen Mom franchise. Details are shaky, but I, for one, am surprised that Farrah would have her own show. Of all the girls, she seemed the least likely to end up on one.

It's not that I don't like Farrah. Quite the contrary. I think she is a very smart, driven, and together woman. She is a good mom. It's just that her story is, well, less interesting than some of the others.

Catelynn and Tyler have overcome real hardship to be where they are and they are fan favorites. From what I can tell, most fans think Farrah is spoiled and whiny. While I disagree, it surprises me that anyone would try to capitalize on her fame of all of them.


At a certain point, all these girls kind of need to count their money and run. They probably aren't going to be famous and wealthy their whole lives, but if they play it right, they can at least be happy and successful with what they have.

Why do they seem to keep pushing it?

Catelynn and Tyler have the right idea with pursuing other interests (like adoption counseling). Farrah's food interests seem really smart, too. Maybe she could get a Food Channel show. Seriously? Why not?

But continuing to exploit their lives for ratings seems a little low. At a certain point, reality stars are more laughing stocks than actual celebs. I would hate to see that happen to Farrah.

It makes perfect sense why she might feel a little nervous about leaving all the fame and attention behind. But she should relish it. It's not a bad thing.

Let go of the whole "reality show" thing, please! Quit while you're ahead!

Do you think Farrah should have a spin-off?


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