'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Addiction Is Just as Dangerous as Amber Portwood's

Jenelle evansThere's been much ado about Teen Mom star Amber Portwood and her addiction to opiates this week. But with Amber safely tucked away in an Indiana prison where she's getting help to kick her vices, it's time to turn our eyes to another Teen Mom struggling with an addiction that will always keep her away from her child. Jenelle Evans. 'Memba her?

By some miracle -- and the help of a good lawyer -- the North Carolina mom has managed to keep her own struggles with drug abuse and more than a few of her own brushes with the law from landing her in the pokey like Portwood. But make no mistake, Jenelle is still struggling with a major addiction. His name is Kieffer Delp, and she just can't get enough.


Kieffer is the guy who helped Jenelle break into a house and then left her there for the cops to find. He's the guy who leaked naked photos of her to the Internet. He's the guy against whom she had to file a domestic violence complaint. He's the guy who has come between her and her mom and, worse, her and her little boy countless times.

And even after all of that, he's her current boyfriend.

Although he wasn't for a few days there ... Jenelle actually seemed to be getting some common sense. She gave ol' Kieffer the heave ho, taking to Twitter (where else?) to tell the world that she hoped he'd "realize something" now that they were broken up.

Showing what a mensch he is not, Kieffer took the opportunity to slam Jenelle on Twitter, referring to her as a c--t and stooping to the ultimate blow for a mother in a custody battle. He actually said he hopes she never gets son Jace back.

And here's where the addiction comes in. Even after all that, Jenelle and Kieffer have already patched up their little spat and are back together. If that doesn't sound like a girl who is in serious need of detox to you, well maybe you're smoking one of Reefer Kieffer's pipes.

Kieffer is more than a bad boyfriend. He's cut off Jenelle's oxygen, and she clings to him for the few hits he gives her to stay alive. Only she won't let go. She closes her eyes to all the awful things he does and just latches on tighter. And inevitably, he gets her into trouble, the exact kind of trouble that makes it impossible for her to get her son back. 

If Jenelle really wants to regain custody of Jace like she says she does, she needs to break whatever hold Kieffer has over her and find a healthier addiction. Who knows, maybe prison would help her like it's helping Amber ... at least Kieffer couldn't get to her in there.

Do you see Kieffer as a hindrance to Jenelle's life? Will those two ever quit each other?


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