Sally Struthers' DUI Arrest Upstages Her Acting Comeback

sally struthersOh no, not you too! Former TV star Sally Struthers was arrested for "operating under the influence" in Maine yesterday. TMZ was told drugs were not involved, so it pretty much sounds like drunk driving, alas. Police say she did not resist arrest and that she was released after posting $160 in bail.

There's no jail time for a first-time offense in Maine. The penalty is a $500 fine and a 90-day suspension of your driver's license. Let's hope she honors that suspension, unlike some other drivers we know.


Poor Sally -- and she was just starting a comeback, too! You may remember Sally from her role as Gloria in All in the Family or her famous pleading as a spokesperson for ChildFund International. She was in Maine for a stage production of 9 to 5. I hope this little scandal doesn't overshadow her performances. At least her mugshot looks great?

As for the charges, I wonder ... they're saying no drugs were involved, but maybe that just means illegal drugs? Given her age (65), Sally could be on medication, and she could have had some reaction that unexpectedly impaired her driving. Or maybe she's taking medication that she can't combine with alcohol at all, not even a little bit.

Wow, Sally, think of all the starving children you could feed with that $500! What a tragedy. Seriously, though, I really hope this doesn't mean Sally has a substance abuse problem. All teasing aside, I really do want her to be healthy and strong. We're behind you, Sally! Stay clean.

Are you surprised to hear that Sally Struthers was arrested for driving while impaired?


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