'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Does Not Need to Be Engaged Already

Kailyn LowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry is by far and away one of my favorite women from the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 franchises. She is funny, smart, responsible, and quirky. But one of her biggest downfalls has always been men. First it was Jo, her baby daddy. Then it was cheating on her boyfriend with Jo and now it's Javi Marroquin. The two may have recently become engaged, according to reports, which might be great but might not.

The thing about Kailyn is she can't be out of a relationship. It seems like she is always needing SOMEONE and is never really paying attention to whether she even really loves that someone.

She cheated on Jo, then cheated with Jo, and has now moved on to this dude. Though the engagement isn't officially confirmed by Kailyn and Javi, the sources seem credible. And it seems to me, as an outside observer, that maybe she needs to take a step back.


If the end goal is a marriage that lasts (as it should be), then doing it so young and so fresh off so much drama may not be the best plan in the world.

If these two marry so quickly, it's easy to predict another baby and possibly even a divorce. If they wait, possibly live together a while, go through some ups and downs, and get to age 25 or so and are still together, maybe THEN they should go for it.

It's not because Kailyn doesn't deserve happiness that I say this. It's because she DOES. This isn't a recipe for happiness. This is a recipe for divorce and more drama.

These moms are in and out of relationships and in and out of engagements. Few of them are able to really focus on what is the most important art of their life -- their child. Kailyn is a good mom and I am sure she will some day have a happy marriage. But this just seems like another move that is happening too quickly to be good.

Good luck to them. But it seems like maybe they should wait.

Do you think Kailyn's engagement will last?


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