Kyle King Cheated on 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout in the Most Unnerving Way (VIDEO)

maci bookout and kyle kingTeen Mom star Maci Bookout and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Kyle King are totally back on again these days, but for a while there, they were seriously splitsville. In the fourth and final season of Teen Mom, we saw what lead up to the demise of their relationship last winter. And in the reunion special that aired last night -- and which was obviously filmed before the two reconciled -- Dr. Drew Pinsky got them to chat about why they broke up. Looks like Maci felt Kyle cheated on her ... when he chatted with several exes online.

Kyle swears there was no physical contact, but these were girls that he had been intimate with sexually in the past. So, I could definitely see why Maci felt betrayed. But at the same time, he was only chatting. Sounds like these two dealt with a burning question many couples are facing with these days ... In a world where you can talk, text, Gchat, Facebook, Skype with another man or woman, how do we define cheating?


For some, any communication that could potentially lead to a hookup (or with a former flame) is a problem. For others, no physical contact? No problem! But it seems like the across-the-board rule is that if there's actually something very emotional or sexual going on -- whether that's online or off -- it's betrayal, plain and simple.

Maci also said she had to draw the line with Kyle, because he persisted in chatting with these exes, even well after she had said she wasn't cool with it and issued an ultimatum. That's truly unnerving! Clearly, Kyle not respecting her wishes was a major problem in and of itself ... and these two obviously had some communication issues. But I still think it must have been easier for Maci to get over his betrayal, because it all went down online. Had he hooked up with an ex in person, I'm not sure they'd be back together today.

Thankfully, these days, they seem happier than ever. Let's just hope that means Kyle's gotten his exes out of his system/Facebook feed! Here's the couple's chat with Dr. Drew ...

How do you define cheating? Would you feel betrayed if your partner was chatting with exes online?

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