'Real Housewives of Miami' Elsa Patton's Collapse Raises Questions About Her Witchy Ways

Elsa PattonOh no! Elsa Patton, the breakout star and "sometimes tipsy witch" of The Real Housewives of Miami from season one, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital at the recent premiere party for season two

According to Cultist, everyone was there having a grand old time, when all of a sudden, the 76-year-old with a penchant for plastic surgery fell to the ground. She was then rushed to the hospital. Her daughter Marysol Patton explained what happened and told the site:


There were a couple of things that happened, she hadn't really eaten all day, and wasn't feeling good to begin with. When we arrived, she was a little nervous because she has never walked a red carpet before. Once inside, she was swarmed by people. Then, plus the fact it was so hot, we were all suffocating. Then all of a sudden, she just collapsed. She is getting older; it happens.

She's home and fine now, but what a scare that must have been for her, her daughter Marysol, and the rest of the cast. And what a brilliant play for publicity? That's what some, like Perez Hilton, are saying, anyway.

She is 76, and she does drink a LOT, so it could have been a legit collapse, but it's not so far-fetched to think it could have been a stunt either. If you watched the first season of RHOM, you know it was dismal (VERY dismal), and Elsa was pretty much the only good reason to watch. She quickly developed hordes of admirers, including Andy Cohen, and presto -- Mama Elsa was a star.

Now as we gear up for the season two premiere this Thursday, and a largely new and promising cast is coming in, maybe she doesn't want to get lost in the shuffle of hot new blood? She's developed a reputation for spicing up a party, so maybe this was her contribution to this one? I mean, she can only milk that witch thing for so long.

If she really did do it just for the sake of some press, then I say bravo. If she's willing to take a fall like that for attention at her age, then she deserves it. She may be even crazier and more lovable than we imagined. Bring on season two!

Are you excited to watch season two of The Real Housewives of Miami? Do you think Elsa is crazy enough to fake a collapse for publicity?


Image via Bravo

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