'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Latest Breakup Story Has an Ironic Twist

farrah abraham teen momWell, that was fast! Almost as quickly as it seems like MTV Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham began dating Ryan Seacrest radio show employee John Parra, the two have broken up. Strange ... It was literally just a couple of weeks ago that Farrah was gushing to Ryan "on the air" that she and John had been on romantic sushi dates and she'd already met his "awesome family." So what went wrong?

Apparently -- and try to contain your giggles -- Farrah tells InTouch that John was moving too fast for her! She shares, "He was upset I wouldn't kiss him yet and make more time for him and move to L.A. He texted me saying he didn't want to talk anymore." Ha, maybe Farrah was just getting a taste of her own medicine?!


In previous relationships, girl has been known to have something of a lead foot when traveling down the road of love. So, it's totally ironic that the roles were reversed this time around. But it doesn't sound like Farrah's exactly torn up about it. She went on to say:

I'm happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with some guy who seems controlling and clingy.

Ick. I don't blame her! That's the last thing any woman needs -- not to mention a woman who has her plate quite full on her own with a little girl and entertainment/merchandising deals galore. Obviously, she should be with a guy who is on the same page when it comes to the speed of starting a relationship. Couldn't hurt if he could relate from a career standpoint, too. Maybe she should date another reality show star? Someone from a Food Network show could be the perfect fit. Or, hey, she could always go on The Bachelorette!! HA!

Are you surprised by this breakup? What kind of guy do you think Farrah should date?

Image via MTV

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