'Bachelor Pad' Finale Recap: Rachel Got WAY More Than She Deserved

Bachelor PadAnyone who has watched The Bachelor franchise has heard that a rose ceremony is going to be "the most shocking in Bachelor history" again and again. It never is. Until this one. Holy hell. That was some drama, dude.

**Spoiler alert**

First things first: Blakely and Tony got engaged! I had heard it was coming and I saw it coming, but it was still a shocker (especially to Blakely). Maybe because Blakely has been so hard and overly emotional and difficult, it's hard to imagine her as someone's stepmother.

Maybe the two of them will be super happy. Maybe Blakely isn't what she appears on TV. I hope she's not. But I doubt it. Good luck to them. Still, an engagement wasn't the real drama. The REAL drama came later.


Nick screwed Rachel. And I don't mean in the sexy, hot way. I mean he screwed her out of every dollar. She picked share after the two of them won, but Nick picked keep. He had promised her he would pick share, but he was "playing the game." He lied.

Rachel had it coming. She may be a good person, but she did all the things Nick said she did. It made for great television. But oh. My. God.

How could he do that to her?

Nothing is worth that amount of money. Sure, it was dramatic and it was great TV. And sure, Rachel was rude to Nick and whiny all the time. But oh man. That was just cold. She worked hard to make sure they both won in the end. She said she would share. So did he. She kept her word. He didn't.

Why was the studio audience so impressed then? Why did they clap like that?

In the end, it was just a game. But he played it in a mean way. He did a cruel thing to a woman who ultimately didn't deserve it. So did he win? Sure. He "won." He got the $250,000 (maybe $150K after taxes), but he isn't a winner.

A winner wouldn't do something so mean. Rachel lost both love and money. She even lost her best friend. She didn't deserve any of it.

Did you think it ended badly?


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