'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: If Only They'd Made Aviva Drescher a Banner

Carole Radziwill and Aviva DrescherThe fun continued in St. Barth tonight as The Real Housewives of New York wound down their vacation and wound one another up with the same damn drama we saw last week dragged out again this week. In the beginning, things were going pretty well, with LuAnn de Lesseps' little cheating incident being the most scandalous thing happening on the trip. Then Aviva Dreshcher blew in like a hurricane and turned it into the vacation from hell.

True, Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan are obnoxious and "inelegant" when they drink, as Carole Radziwill observed, but at least they're a little bit fun. Aviva on the other hand is just one big self-centered buzzkill.


She still hadn't gotten over the way the women greeted her when she arrived on the island. I wanted to believe she was joking when she told Ramona that she had expected her to put up a banner for her that read, "Welcome Aviva, you did it! Rah Rah!" But she was dead serious. That's exactly what she expected, and she wasn't about to let go of the fact that she didn't get the royal treatment. And I thought The Countess was insufferable.

Ramona and Sonja weren't even sure how upset they should have been about her calling them white trash. After Googling it they were a little confused, since they aren't poor, but they would have gotten over it if Aviva had just moved on. Ramona did apologize after all. Aviva wanted to beat the dead horse some more, however, and after Ramona stormed off, Aviva threw out a whole bunch of other ugly words for Sonja, including "double dealer," which means ... I have no idea.

If Aviva was likable at all, I might have some sympathy for her, but instead she just droned on and on about herself and her phobias, and somehow I'm firmly on team drunkos. Ramona and Sonja were terribly rude to skip the concert at the end, and they acted like fools at dinner on the last night, so they don't get a pass either. But Aviva comparing Sonja to Anna Nicole Smith was beyond rude.

At least they all had a few minutes of fun on that last night when everyone jumped into the pool in their gowns. Well, everyone except Ramona, who got pushed in, and Sonja, who, of course, stripped down first. Heather Thompson had a great line when she said, "I've seen Sonja’s vagina and nipples so much on the trip I thought I should start petting and feeding them." Thankfully, she didn't, and thankfully for her, with Aviva in the annoying spotlight, Heather managed to win over Ramona. The Countess should also be bowing a bit to that drama because otherwise we'd still be talking about her little indiscretion with the Johnny Depp lookalike. She kind of lucked out in that respect, no?

We'll see what happens when they get back to New York. After a trip like this, it will be interesting to see where they go from here and if what happened on the island stays on the island or not.

Who do you think had the rudest behavior tonight?

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