New TV Comedy 'The New Normal' Shows Gay Marriage Is ... Normal!

new normalOh Ryan Murphy. We feel like we simply can't get enough of you. Can't you make a second episode of Glee each week? No?!? Okay, fine, we'll take your totally new comedy series instead: The New Normal. But only because it looks so damn hilarious, heartwarming, and undeniably cute.

The New Normal is about a gay couple, David and Bryan, who want to have a baby. And it's about single mom Goldie, who agrees to be their surrogate mother. And it's about how these three people, plus Goldie's young daughter Shania and grandmother Nana -- I mean, Jane (Ellen Barkin) -- all come together to form one big, mostly happy family. NeNe Leakes is thrown into the family, too, as Bryan's assistant.

Yep, Ryan Murphy just wants us to accept same-sex couples as the "new normal." And he's deploying what he does best: The charm offensive. Just going by the pilot, I'd say resistance is futile.


The pilot episode airs tonight on NBC at 10:00 E.T. following The Voice, but you can also watch the pilot online. Then the series airs with a totally new episode at its regular time and day, Tuesday night at 9:30 E.T. So this week you get to watch TWO episodes of The New Normal.

And having just seen the pilot, I'm already addicted. It's fast-paced and witty, gooey-sweet with the right touch of snark (especially thanks to Ellen Barkin's intolerant character). And it's not just about making these two handsome, well-off men's dream come true. It's also about the surrogate mother, Goldie's dreams. You'll have to watch to see what this new family arrangement means to her.

I watched the pilot with my 8-year-old son, which, by the way, don't. Not because of the gay content but because there's a hetero sex scene early in featuring some heaving lingerie-clad bosoms. But anyway, as I tried to see the rest of the pilot through my son's eyes, one major insight struck me: From his perspective, there might not be anything "new" about this "normal."

In my son's totally bohemian Brooklyn life, having two dads is kind of a non-issue. I think he was confused over why some adults in the show had such a big problem with it. (We just saw the movie Paranorman, which includes SPOILER ALERT a hunky, desirable teenage boy character who, surprise! turns out to be gay in the most whatever dude way imaginable.)

But back to the grownups and The New Normal, I look forward to the day when there's nothing "new" about a family that looks like this. (With Modern Family we're on our way.) As Goldie says, a family is a family, and love is love.

Do you think The New Normal will make waves or are we totally ready for this show already?


Image via NBC

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