Jef Holm Steals Emily Maynard's Beauty Secrets So He Can Feel Pretty Too

Emily Maynard & Jef HolmOk, before I go any further, let me set the record straight -- I'm a major Jef Holm fan. I was over-the-moon when he got down on one knee and asked Emily Maynard to marry him, because he's so dreamy and such a take-charge kind of guy.

But after hearing him admit that he has a certain beauty secret he follows -- which he revealed at the Benefit Beauty Best or Bust event in New York City last week -- I'm a little bit puzzled as to how he went from being known for having his own sense of quirky style to someone who takes cues from his lady love.


You see, Jef's beauty routine is simply this: "Do whatever Emily does."

I guess he has a point considering just how polished and gorgeous Emily looks on any given day of the week, but was he hinting that he has gotten into the habit of sampling her beauty products?

If he has, he's definitely not the first guy to do so. We gals have some pretty amazing concoctions on our bathroom counters when it comes to skin care and beauty products, so it wouldn't be a huge shock if he's dipped into Emily's stock a time or two.

I can't tell you how many times I've hopped in the shower and went to use my favorite deep-cleansing gel, only to realize the bottle is a lot less full than the last time I used it. My husband just can't resist helping himself to handfuls of that stuff -- not that I can say that I blame him. It does result in a pretty flawless complexion.

And I gotta say, he already had a pretty youthful look going on when he was on The Bachelorette, but Jef does look a tad more boyish now that he's moved to Charlotte and started a new life with Emily and Ricki. Whatever secret of Emily's he happens to be following, it definitely seems to be paying off.

Does your man raid your beauty products too?


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