Sean Lowe as 'The Bachelor' Is the Only Clear Choice Left

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If you're like every other fan out there who has been wondering when the heck ABC is finally going to announce who will be the next Bachelor -- it looks like we may not have to wait very much longer. For quite a few weeks now, the speculation over who will snag the Bachelor spot has been centered around three lucky guys -- Roberto Martinez, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., and Sean Lowe.

And while pretty much every fan of the show agrees that giving Roberto another shot at finding love on TV is a bad idea, I highly doubt anyone would be terribly disappointed to see either Arie or Sean land the job.

But thanks to a couple new rumors about which one of the three will be announced as The Bachelor, it sounds like the choice is pretty clear.


Ryan Seacrest's sources have said that Roberto is definitely not in the running anymore, and yesterday, Arie posted the following update on Twitter:

"Just to clarify I will not be the next 'Bachelor' I am however pursuing opportunities in @IndyCar & @RolexSeries. @MichaelShankRac @XYQInc."

Well -- there you have it. If Arie and Roberto are no longer an option, then ABC just HAS to go ahead and give the gig to Sean Lowe, right? Out of all of the men on Emily Maynard's season (besides dreamy Jef Holm), Sean seemed like the most genuine of the group, and he also appears to have his priorities in line and went on the show with the right intentions.

And while his boyish good looks and unarguable charm clearly help his case, the fact that so many women fell head over heels in love with him doesn't hurt either. Couple that with the number of gals who couldn't stop the tears from flowing when Emily sent him packing and he left in the limo all by his lonesome self -- and you've got yourself a recipe for ratings gold.

Women just can't resist decent, good looking, hard working men who are respectful to women -- but at the same time aren't afraid to run through the streets of a European city calling their name and then push them up against a wall in the heat of the moment for a passionate make-out session. (Thinking about that episode still makes me swoon.)

If ABC doesn't go with Sean, or if he turns their offer down if they make one, there is talk that they'll likely go with either Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte or an unknown dude. But my fingers are still crossed for Sean -- simply for the cat fights that will go on in the house as 25 women compete for his affections and make themselves look desperate and pathetic in the process. (Is there any other reason to tune in for the show?)

Do you think Sean is the right man for the job?


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