'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Gets Dumped Because She Won't Kiss on the Lips

Farrah AbrahamTeen Mom star Farrah Abraham hasn't exactly had it easy when it comes to men, what with that dramatic on-air explosion of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Daniel Alvarez and the tragic early death of high school boyfriend Derek Underwood.  But now that things are over with boyfriend John Parra, we're getting to see a very different Farrah. This is a Farrah who likes to take things slow.

The way the reality star explains the breakup with the On Air With Ryan Seacrest staffer sounds, dare we say it, grown up? The girl who was already talking wedding rings after just a few weeks of dating is gone ... and so is Parra.


According to Farrah, the problem came down to Parra being too pushy. He wanted her to move out to Los Angeles where he's a board operator for Seacrest's show. And he wanted her to kiss him way, way too early for her liking:

He was upset I wouldn’t kiss him yet and make more time for him and move to LA ... He texted me saying he didn't want to talk any more.

Considering the reputation teen mothers have, it might be a little surprising that she's not even up for a little smooch. But I've got to say, I have a lot of respect for Farrah for holding her ground.

The first time you kiss someone is a big deal! Even with my 12-year wedding anniversary fast approaching, I can still remember the first time my husband kissed me like it was yesterday.

It may sound a bit romantic, but that first kiss of a relationship represents that leap from simply showing interest in being around someone to showing interest in being something more, quite possibly a couple. Friends may hang out, friends may even hold hands and hug, but friends do not kiss one another.

Taking that big leap means putting more of yourself into a relationship, and it isn't fair to do that if you aren't ready. Kissing someone you aren't sure about is pretty cruel, actually. If Farrah had jumped into something more physical and then cooled things off because she wasn't ready, I could even see this guy calling her a tease. But she didn't. She stood by her guns, and she looks better for it.

How long do you typically wait before the first kiss?


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