These 'Revenge' Season 2 Spoilers Will Leave You Dying for More (VIDEO)

revenge season 2

Have you seen this new promo pic for Revenge Season 2? Holy daggers! Emily's long, black dress turns into spikes and blades. I almost think it's a visual spoiler -- will Emily get more vicious this season? Will she actually (ulp!) kill someone? We'll have to wait and see.

If the suspense is killing you, though, I've pulled together a big batch of juicy spoilers! Find out what Revenge holds for us this season. And don't worry, we're not giving anything away that will ruin the show for you. We're just dangling the most tantalizing details that'll get your heart palpitating until the September 30 season premiere. 


That said ... we give warnings every time, and still when we dole out spoilers, at least one reader writes in to say, "Thanks a lot for ruining the surprise!" So for the last time, pay attention now: SPOILER ALERT! READER BEWARE!

Wedding opener: First up, creator Mike Kelly says the season will begin with a wedding ceremony -- for Emily! "Well, you know how we opened up season one with the engagement party? I can tell you that [for] Season 2 we are looking at opening with a flash forward to a wedding, to Emily's wedding. We just don't know to who. Well, I know who, but you don't." He said that back in February, though, so we'll see. 

Emily's mother returns: At the end of last season, we learned that Emily's mother is still alive. Well, she shows up this season and she's apparently bonkers. She'll be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh -- eeeeexcellent. That's some ass-kicking casting there. 

Nolan gets with a lady: Gabriel Mann, who plays the slippery but loyal ally Nolan, says "dynamics have shifted" in Season 2. "Plots are coming fast and furious. It’s going to be utterly twisted and darker and deeper than even last year.” Also, he gets a sexy new haircut. It's significantly less foppish -- is he playing straight this season? Yup -- he hooks up with a chick this time. Hope we'll still see the layered polos and matching trainers, though.

Daniel and who? Daniel tries to get over his broken heart through a lust-driven fling with social climber Ashley.

Goodbye, Shamu. The whale cam is gone, but the remote spying goes on. Gabriel Mann says a new clam cam "washed up at my front door just in time for the return of the perverse party season on Long Island. Stay tuned. Clam cam is watching you."

Amanda's baby: Remember when Emily's alias/nemesis came sauntering back to the Hamptons knocked up? Well, Mike Kelly says, "That baby is real and that baby is coming. After the first run of four episodes, we'll know what that family is going to look like, with Jack and Amanda." Yeah, it'll look SAD. Is the baby really Jack's? Expect the tragically good guy to turn a blind eye to any clues that it's not through at least the first few episodes.

Victoria's resurrection: We thought Victoria died in that plane crash in the season finale, but surprise surprise, she's back! Unless we're going to see her ghost in Season 2? We'll find out who survives the crash, why, and how in Episode 2, aptly titled "Resurrection."

Someone's in the ER: In Episode 4 someone gets rushed to the emergency room and the doctor has to consult with the family to make a difficult decision. Oh brother, let me guess: Charlotte overdoses on a cocktail of prescription meds? Go coma, go! Go coma, go!

New characters: A man from Emily's past shows us more about her volatile youth. Conrad's ex-wife and kids show up (another ex-wife). We met Victoria's mom. We may see Nolan's siblings. And best of all, a new puppy replaces Sammy -- awww!

What else do you think we'll see in Revenge Season 2?


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