JWOWW's Engagement Means Double Wedding of Our Dreams May Come True

JWOWW and SnookiWord has it that Jenni "JWOWW" Farley of Jersey Shore fame is engaged to her long-time boyfriend Roger Matthews. Don't bust out the champagne just yet though because it's all hush hush for now, as MTV reportedly wants her to save the big news for filming of season two of Snooki & JWOWW.

That's a little anticlimactic, but congratulations to them if it's true. Their relationship has been beyond tumultuous, but they truly seem to love each other, so I'm not surprised to see them take this next step, especially with her BFF Snooki settling down with a baby and getting engaged herself. It tends to happen like that with friends -- when one jumps on the marriage-and-baby bandwagon, it starts a whole string of events.

And you know what the best possible event that could happen next is? A double wedding of course.


Snooki and Jionni and JWOWW and Roger all saying "I do" in one big, over-the-top affair. How perfect would that be?

Here come the brides ... all dressed in leopard print. Their fake tans would be glowing; the cleavage would be a showing. When the preacher (or whoever) pronounces them men and wives, the entire congregation could commence in fist pumping.

The girls are such good friends it could totally work. The rest of the cast -- minus Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (maybe he could be an usher?) -- could serve as the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the reception could be at Karma, with drunken toasts of Ron Ron juice for all.

The whole thing would be televised, of course, and it might even give Kim Kardashian's Fairy Tale Wedding a run for its money in terms of viewers. This is TV gold in the making, people.

And what a fitting end for the show after its final season of GTL and DTF hunts. The guidos and guidettes are growing up, and a double wedding would be just the perfect way to send them off into the sunset ... or wherever they're headed.

Would you like to see Snooki & JWOWW get married in a double wedding?

Image via MTV

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