'Teen Mom' Finale Special Recap: Catelynn & Tyler Come Clean About Their Pasts

Teen Mom Finale specialFor many Teen Mom fans, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are examples of the perfect teens. Part one of the finale show with Dr. Drew highlighted just how far these kids have come -- and not just in terms of what we have actually seen.

Apparently, Catelynn and Tyler were "bad kids." I know, I know. It's hard to believe, but both told Dr. Drew they were not always so smart, enlightened and emotionally honest.

Both of them came from very difficult families that dealt with addiction and divorce and abandonment. It was not easy and while we see the good at the end, we did not see the past. It is hard to imagine Tyler and Catelynn being less than what they are. It makes me like them even more.


The theme of the evening seemed to be family issues. As it often is with Dr. Drew, he brings out the past in a way that makes the moms face what it is that made them become teen moms and made their childhoods hard.

For Farrah it was a mother who worked too hard and fought too much with her dad. We finally found out why she calls him "Michael" instead of dad (she lost respect for him) and why she and Derek clicked so much -- "two broken kids." But it does not make it any less sad.

The reunion special is the time when we gain a deeper understanding of what makes these women tick. As much as we see them in their daily lives during the show, we also only see what MTV allows. We don't really "know" these women, as much as we may feel otherwise. This is the time we really get to see the truth.

My heart goes out to Farrah who has gone from a petulant, seemingly spoiled teen to a smart, emotionally honest woman who is a great mom to her daughter.

Catelynn and Tyler have also gone through many changes. Though they were amazing from the get-go of the show, it sounds like maybe they struggled in their past as well.

As the show ends, it is sad to know we won't have a window into the daily lives of these men and women anymore. But it has also changed the way I view teen motherhood and possibly stopped some teens from having babies. In that way, this show has been powerful. I look forward to hearing more from them all in the next few years.

Did Catelynn and Tyler's revelations surprise you?


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