'Bachelor Pad 3' Recap: Rachel Pulls Ultimate Back Stab on Jaclyn

Bachelor PadBachelor Pad is hot as hell, heading into the finale. If the rumors hold true, the finale may really might be the "most dramatic finale in Bachelor history." Tonight's episode saw two couples eliminated, inching us ever closer to an explosive ending.

*Spoilers ahead*

Blakely may have been sent home on Monday's episode. But, if rumor holds, Blakely and Tony have something even better to look forward to. In fact, rumor has it that these two are going to make a lifelong commitment. OMG! Hey, good for them, right?

Unfortunately, it also sounds like Rachel's future is not so bright ...


But we can wait until next week to discuss the finale rumors and what's true and what's not.

This week was the funniest karaoke contest in history. All the teams/couples had to sing "Sister Christian" in front of Night Ranger -- the band who MADE THE SONG FAMOUS. I mean, this is a nerve wracking idea for anyone, but for people who aren't singers and have no experience, it's way worse. But no one could have predicted how funny it would be.

Both Sarah and Chris and Ed and Jaclyn totally failed for two completely different reasons.

Sarah looked "like a monkey that was being electrocuted on stage," according to Ed. Damn straight. She was insane. But it worked! She was highly entertaining and funny. That wasn't enough to win, though. Rachel and Nick won the competition (deservedly). What was up with those blue pants, by the way? I mean she made them work, but wow. I am not sure anyone else in the world could have.

The worst, though, were Ed and Jaclyn. They got what they deserved, it seemed, after forgetting the lyrics, humping on stage, and generally making a mockery of the song IN FRONT OF THE BAND (oy). Still, Jaclyn is like-able and she didn't deserve what happened to her at the end of tonight's show.

Jaclyn has sort of been the whipping girl of this season. First it was her "boyfriend" Ed who said he didn't like her "like that" in front of the group. Then it was her "best friend" Rachel who voted her off tonight. Ouch.

Jaclyn would have been loyal to Rachel, but Rachel wasn't loyal to Jaclyn. That makes Rachel look pretty bad going into the finale, and as much as Jaclyn's reaction -- "she's DEAD to me" -- was harsh, Rachel deserved it. And rumor has it that next week, Rachel will be full of regrets and get one major comeuppance ...

Do you think Rachel should have kept Jaclyn?


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