'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Knocks Her Ex in the Classiest Possible Way (VIDEO)

farrah abraham teen mom reunionDespite seeming super-happy with her brand-new, L.A.-based BF, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham sure has had her ups and downs in the love department. The downs are probably not the parts she'd like to reminisce about, but she willingly took a stroll down memory lane, discussing her dating life a one-on-one with Dr. Drew on the Teen Mom reunion special

While you could tell she may have been tempted to totally diss her former flame, she kept it super-classy for the most part. Check it out ...



Okay, so the "little boy broke" remark was definitely a dig, and clearly, there's still at least a bit of bitterness there. But hey, no one could accuse Farrah of trashing her ex.

I actually give her quite a lot of credit, because there is a pretty fine line between reflecting on lessons learned from past relationships and downright tearing an ex to shreds in a nasty, pointless, Jerry Springer-like way. Sometimes, veering from one to the other can just happen in a flash. It's almost uncontrollable, given the heated emotions often involved. 

A long time ago, I found myself viciously ripping an ex when I found out he had been totally playing me for a fool. I actually saw it not as trashing him, but as warning his current girlfriend about his two-faced ways. In retrospect, I don't regret it, and if I ever had to do it all over again, it would have played out in exactly the same way. Sometimes, exes deserve to be slammed.

And sometimes, you're better off -- and more emotionally capable of -- taking the high road. Clearly, Farrah must be over Daniel enough to have pulled off the latter with charm and grace. Good for her! You know how it's been noted how the final season of Teen Mom showcased how all the moms have grown up? Well, judging from how Farrah handled the Daniel discussion ... she really has come a long way.

How do you think Farrah handled Dr. Drew's Qs about Daniel?


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