'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Has Not Been Dating Jef Long Enough for Him to Be Daddy

Emily MaynardSean Lowe is making the rounds to get his name out there after being ousted from Emily Maynard's roster on The Bachelorette. His latest is that he wants Jef Holm and Emily Maynard to work out the cheating scandal "for Ricki's sake." Really? After a few months?

Look, obviously it makes sense that Lowe wants to be famous, but little Ricki probably doesn't care whether her mama and Jef work it out or not. All she wants is to be happy and safe. And if Emily DID cheat, Jef shouldn't let his feelings about Ricki inform what he needs to do. That's the problem with dating with kids. You aren't the only one who gets attached.

Jef and Emily have a lot to work out, it seems.


The fact is, their relationship is between them. Sean has no idea (and nor do any of us) whether Ricki likes or dislikes Jef. We have no idea whether she likes or dislikes the media spotlight, and we have no idea whether the cheating rumors make that worse or if it would just be like that anyway.

Let's not get presumptuous, dear Sean. There is this assumption out there that little Ricki is better off with anyone over no one, but we can't say. We have no idea what Jef is like with her or what she is like with him.

Cheating rumors aside, it's an awfully presumptuous thing to assume Ricki is better for having Jef in her life. He isn't her daddy. He is her mom's boyfriend/fiance, and until they are married, he should stay that way.

I hope they work it out, too. But I don't hope that for Ricki. I hope that for her mother and Jef. Because my guess is Ricki is happiest when her mom is happiest.

Do you think Ricki cares whether her mom and Jef stay together?


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