5 Signs Jef Holm Is Really in Love With Emily Maynard

Ericka Sóuter | Aug 29, 2012 TV

Emily and JeffThere is something so sweet about Jef Holm and Emily Maynard's relationship. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I didn't buy it at first either, but in the weeks since the final rose ceremony, my cynicism about their made-for-TV romance has started to wear away.

They really do seem genuinely happy together and, dare I say, truly in love. Of course, only time will tell if they've got what it takes to make it down the aisle. The bloom certainly fell off the rose quickly for most other Bachelor and Bachelorette alums. Though, I think Jef turned out to be the perfect choice. Still have doubts? Let me try to convince you he's there to stay.

Here are 5 signs that Jef is serious about his future with the sweet-as-pie Southern belle and her adorable daughter Ricki.

Do you think Jef and Emily will actually get hitched?

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  • Buy Buy Love


    You know a man is love when he goes shopping with you -- and looks happy doing it! Jef and Emily were recently spotted at the South Park Mall in Charlotte and he was helping her go through the racks at Nordstroms. Now that's love!

  • Un-Brotherly Love


    When Jef's brother Mike Holm accused Emily of cheating, the reality star didn't buy it. He shot down his sibling's claims and stood by his woman. I guess blood isn't always thicker than water.

  • Oh Lordy!


    When Emily visited Jef's family in South Carolina, he took her to church. You don't bring some soon-to-be-over-with fling to meet the pastor and the entire congregation. This means he's clearly ready to seal the deal.

  • Family Man


    Most 27-year-old guys would have been scared away by the instant family that comes with Emily. Some of those other guys would have milked the 15 minutes of fame and then cut out on her by now. Jef is clearly smitten with both Emily and her daughter Ricki.

  • He's Got Big Bucks


    This one doesn't need a sugar momma. Jef's got tons of his own cash. He's worth close to $2 million so he doesn't need the fleeting fame of the relationship to make a living. It's all about love for this guy.

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