‘Bachelor’ Favorite Sean Lowe Knows Looking for Love Can Be a Losing Battle

sean lowe bacheloretteAfter stealing many a Bachelorette fan's heart with his southern charm, Sean Lowe is back on the scene. Rumor has it he is a strong contender to become the next Bachelor. Cue multiple "ooooh"s and "aaahhh"s! So does this mean he's actually ready to tie the knot with Miss Right should he meet her?

Judging from Wetpaint's Q&A with the 28-year-old reality star, yes, definitely. The potential Bachelor declared, "I'm absolutely at the point in my life where I'm ready to settle down." But at the same time, don't expect him to be going out of his way and searching high and low for "the One."


Sean confessed, "I'm not saying I'm out looking for her all the time." Instead, it sounds like he believes he'll simply cross paths with the right woman, and that'll be that. I gotta say -- I admire the guy for playing it oh-so-cool.

All too often, singledom can bring out the desperate in all of us. We search high and low through online dating profiles and everywhere we go -- be that a bar, Starbucks, or the gas station! In our single days, I feel like my best friend and I were constantly on the prowl. At the same time, we weren't really finding all that much luck in love.

In the back of my head, I couldn't help but think, "A watched pot never boils!" That may sound like a silly idiom to apply to dating, but it actually does apply. At least it did for me. It seemed like it was as soon as I stopped putting so much effort and energy into finding Mr. Right that he actually came along. Maybe it has something to do with being more relaxed and open to the right person? Or maybe that's just how fate rolls ...

Either way, I get the feeling Sean knows this to be true, as well. Whether or not he ends up searching for his soul mate on national TV, I'd venture to guess his chill attitude will really work in his favor.

Do you agree that it's usually when you aren't looking that you find love?


Image via ABC

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