'Walking Dead' Actor Busted for DUI, Not Killing Zombies

Scott Wilson Walking DeadWell, this is a bummer. When I read news that involves a Walking Dead actor doing something that seems pulled directly from their character analysis sheet, I want to hear about someone covering themselves with zombie intestines in order to make their daring escape from a group of ravenous walkers ... not getting busted for DUI. Sadly, 70-year-old Scott Wilson -- better known to most of us as Hershel Greene from AMC's hit zombie drama -- was arrested on August 18 for the latter.

Worse, he's now got one of those comical drunken arrest interactions on record, that really takes the sails out of his Walking Dead persona as a grizzled country veterinarian. Although perhaps it helps the part where he plays an alcoholic grizzled country veterinarian.


Police busted Wilson at 2 a.m. on August 18 after someone called 911 to report a Chrysler PT Cruiser driving erratically. He was in Georgia, where The Walking Dead is filmed, and apparently was heading home from Founder’s Restaurant in Senoia. Wilson admitted that he'd been drinking scotch and wine, but then the exchange got a little weird.

According to a police officer's report,

When he exited (the car), he asked if I knew a cousin of his, and he advised that his name was Miller, but that he didn’t know his first name. He then changed the name to Wilson, which I found odd because he had originally stated Miller.

Wilson was reportedly swaying during a field sobriety test, and repeatedly told the officer that the road was "slanted." He also claimed his spine was out of joint “due to his role in a television series."

Oh dear. Really? Like maybe from season 2 where your character snuck away from the barn in order to get hammered in a bar? Worst excuse EVER.

Finally, Wilson asked if he could perform a few yoga moves instead of the standard walk-and-turn test. YOGA MOVES. You guys, Hershel does yoga. No word on whether or not the cop took him up on it, but I'm guessing a tree pose would have been a bit of a challenge.

At any rate, Wilson was charged with driving under the influence and was booked into the Fayette County jail. I'm sure he's got quite the legal headache to deal with now, and I hope this was just a night of bad decisions rather than a major ongoing problem, because I'm looking forward to seeing more of Hershel in season 3.

Let's all take a moment to remember one of Scott Wilson's most awesome TV contributions, shall we? Rather than focusing on his troubles with alcohol both onscreen and off, let's revisit that magical time when Hershel blasted zombies with his infinite ammo shotgun (in a video that's been tweaked, hilariously, by a fan).

(Audio NSFW):


Images via AMC, Fayette County Jail

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