'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Gets Her 567th Chance: Will She Blow It?

Jenelle EvansWhile Teen Mom is set to end with tonight's finale, it looks like big things are just starting for Jenelle Evans, star of the show's first spin-off. The Teen Mom 2 star went to court yesterday and managed to shed some of the biggest charges against her. Turns out Jenelle won't have to face punishment for assault or the three drug charges against her.

They've all been dismissed. She's getting a second (or is it third or fourth by now?) chance! So, does this mean easy sailing for Jenelle Evans from here on out? Is it naive to cross our fingers and say, "Yes! Jenelle's our girl, if she can't do it no one can!?"


OK, maybe that's stretching it a wee bit.

Jenelle Evans is, after all, the girl who was so desperate for attention that she created her own porno scandal. And that was just last week, not one of those skeletons in the closet from months ago.

And yet, it's no small thing to have four serious charges against you -- simple assault, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance -- dismissed. Add on top of it the order of protection Jenelle got to keep ex-fiance Gary Head at a distance, and she has a real opportunity here.

Fans of the show may watch because Jenelle's trainwreck antics are entertaining, but it's the type of entertainment that makes your eyes go wide. Your hand goes to your mouth almost by instinct. It's hard to believe anyone is that irresponsible. And yet ... she is.

There's a dread to watching this type of entertainment. Because these are real people. This is not something crafted in a writer's room. There's a little boy whose life hangs on whether or not his mom cleans up her act.

We have to hope that Jenelle wakes up one day and realizes that she's gotten pretty damn lucky. She may not deserve the breaks she's gotten, but she needs to take advantage of them.

The question is: do you think Jenelle will clean up her act now that she's so close to freedom?


Image via MTV

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