Robert Pattinson Hints at a Major Bella & Edward Reunion

Bella and EdwardGoing to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November will definitely be bittersweet, because even though the film is so highly anticipated, it's kind of heartbreaking to think about the Twilight Saga coming to an end. We've been so wrapped up in all things Cullen for so many years, and it's going to be pretty tough to say goodbye to our favorite vampires.

But as it turns out, we may not have to bid the movie farewell for good, because Robert Pattinson is sure Twilight will be turned into a TV series. In a recent interview with Diario de Mexico, he said, "I’m sure they’ll have a Twilight TV series spinoff soon. They’ll do it again."

(Huh. Bella and Edward on TV? Is this really a good idea?)


Somehow, my gut tells me that trying to create a TV series around Twilight is a disaster waiting to happen. (And no, not because Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson making their on-screen love story almost impossible to buy into anymore. That's neither here nor there.)

Nope -- a Twilight TV show is destined to be a flop because the films are just way too iconic and loved to try and re-create the same level of pure captivation and intrigue on the small screen. Viewers will constantly be comparing the show to the movies, and there's just no way in hell they'll be able to come close to measuring up.

And aside from that, how on earth are we supposed to get on board with different actors playing the parts of Bella, Edward, Jacob, etc.? No matter what happens off-screen in their personal lives, Kristen Stewart will always be Bella, Robert Pattinson will always be Edward, and Taylor Lautner will always be Jacob -- period. It's virtually impossible to think about other actors trying to step into their shoes -- not to mention being able to fill them.

Face it -- the TV show is already a let down and it's not even a sure thing yet, so can you even imagine how bad it's going to tank if it does come to fruition? And if it does, I most certainly won't be tuning in. There are plenty of other mind-numbing programs I can lose myself in on any given night of the week.

How about you -- will you watch the Twilight TV series if it happens?


Image via magesomido/Flickr

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