'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Will the Real Kalon Please Stand Up?

KalonThis season of Bachelor Pad seems to be a lot more about luuuuuv than the last two. Though the game seems to factor, it's the coupling off that really seems most meaningful. Don't be fooled by the senseless "alliance" drama that dragged on the whole last hour, it was the couples who really mattered this season.

We have Kalon and Lindzi, Tony and Blakely, Chris and Sarah, Jaclyn and Ed. It's hard to tell who are "real" couples and who is doing it just to help them win, but my money is on "real" for at least three of them. And those odds aren't too bad!

First, of course, are Kalon and Lindzi. Who saw that coming? Anyone? Anyone?


I am still not sure whether the Kalon who called little Ricki "baggage" and the one who is madly in love with and totally romantic for Lindzi are the same men.

Consider this: Kalon has become exponentially more attractive since he fell for Lindzi, which tells me that he is aware of what he is doing. *Spoiler alert!

His romantic getaway with Lindzi, telling her he has never felt this way before, was really the perfect selling point for his new image. Maybe they are this season's Kiptyn and Tenley or maybe he is just faking it so all those haters don't want to kill him. It seems only time will tell.

Either way, I just noticed he looks an awful lot like Jude Law. Am I right or am I right?

Chris and Sarah seem more tenuous and certainly more fake. I don't buy them for a minute. They seem like "it'll do for now," but Tony and Blakley may be the real deal.

It seems odd to me that any man would want Blakely, but hey, there's someone for everyone, right?

Bachelor Pad is infamous for fake couples, so it remains to be seen if these couples will make it off the pad. But they sure are fun to watch on boring Monday nights, no?

Do you think any of these couples are the real deal?


Image via ABC

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