'Teen Mom' Finale Recap: Gary Needs to Stop Using Leah Against Amber

Gary & AmberThe series finale of Teen Mom was a heartbreaker, mostly because we know this is the last time we will see any of them in this capacity. The end came quickly and was bittersweet. We have seen so much of these girls, it's hard to say goodbye. On the other hand, it's time for them to move on.

The episode was also awful because Gary and Amber had the second worst fight of all time. She didn't hit him, but it was bad. We will get to that.

Before we discuss Gary and Amber, there were other little fires during Tuesday's finale. Tyler suddenly has a massive temper, which came out of left field, but it seems like there is no way they could have kept Carly and had everything be OK. He screamed at the dogs like they were willfully being bad. They are just dogs!


Meanwhile Ryan was finally ready to discuss getting more custody of Bentley with a lawyer. While I feel for Maci in this situation and it does seem like she is a good mom, she also needs to understand that Ryan is his dad and Bentley adores him. For better or worse.

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Farrah is probably the mom who has changed the most over the course of the show. She cried when she saw Sophia in the airport and obviously has gone from a teen who put herself first to a grown-up mom who ranks her daughter's needs as highly as her own. She is a success story. Whether she owes that to the immense help from her mom or not, the fact remains that she is by far the most changed of all the moms. So impressive.

Sadly, Amber hasn't been able to do the same. In many ways, it's as though she has become worse. In the beginning, she was at least a mom. Now it's boys and whining and drama pretty much 24/7. Even her voice is frustratingly whiny when she isn't baby-talking or sounding sleepy.

Of course the drama of the night came when Gary threatened to never let Amber see Leah. As much as I think Gary has stepped up to the plate for his child, using her against her mother is way below the belt. It's just unacceptable. Stop that, Gary!

Though we all know Amber is now in jail, I still think there is hope for her. Somehow, some time she has to pull it together. I have faith.

Boy am I going to miss these girls, but I am sure MTV will keep us posted.

Did this episode make you sad?


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