'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa May Be Shady but Caroline Is Mean

Caroline ManzoAfter the tension bubbled and brewed all season, it finally boiled the hell all over the place tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice threw down big time. It started with Kathy Wakile confronting Teresa about leaving her out of the toast, then moved to Caroline with Teresa saying she didn't know how to make things better between them.

Teresa said she had already apologized and didn't know what else Caroline wanted her to do. Nothing all that bad was said, but Caroline sat by listening and started to fume. You could tell she was going to blow.

The question is -- what's she so incredibly mad at Teresa about?


Seriously, when you try to break it down, it all comes back to that damn cookbook. No, Teresa isn't a saint, and she certainly is shady about what her real deal is with the tabloids (Juicy admitted they sell stories to the tabloids), but when pushed to say what it is she's really mad at Teresa about, the only tangible thing Caroline can come up with is what she perceived as digs against her and her family that Teresa put in her cookbook. She calls her a liar, a crazy bitch, a disgrace, and all kinds of ugly names, but this deep grudge she holds is pretty ugly too. It's been years. Move on, already!

She doesn't have to like her or the fact that she sells stories to tabloids, but neither did she have to tear her down like she did so viciously. She'd have come off as so much classier and more credible if she'd just ignored her. 

I'd have a hard time saying I'm on Team Teresa because she definitely has her issues, but tonight, Caroline just came off as a big, arrogant bully trying to completely turn everyone against Teresa, and I actually felt bad for Teresa. The rest of the ladies pretty much kept out of it, with Jacqueline even faking sleep to stay neutral. But in general, everyone else seems willing to forgive, forget, and move on except  Caroline, who acts like a morally superior judge whose job it is to put Teresa in her place with scathing little sound bites.

In the end Teresa and Joe left early, and Melissa and Joe Gorga went with them in a nice show of solidarity. Caroline was left sobbing in her room having a mental breakdown.

Where will they go from here? I don't know, but based on previews for next week (Dina Manzo makes an appearance) and reports in the press as to their current relationship, it doesn't appear they're headed anywhere good.

Who did you side with tonight -- Caroline or Teresa?


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