Randy Travis' Truck Found Overturned & It's Clear He Needs Help Now

Randy TravisEnough with the bad country song jokes, Randy Travis really seems to need help. The singer has been involved in a series of incidents that strongly indicates he's struggling with an addiction or some kind of demons, and it's getting frightening. In the latest incident, an overturned truck owned by Travis was found by police yesterday morning in Frisco, Tex.

While his attorney told WFAA Travis wasn't the one who left that it there, and that he hadn't been in the truck in months (or doesn't remember being in it?), it's more than a little suspect given the singer's recent string of worrisome behavior.

Just last Thursday Travis was arrested in Plano, Tex., after he got involved in a fight in a church parking lot. According to Rolling Stone, it involved him, a woman said to be an acquaintance, and her estranged husband. Both Travis and the woman received citations for the Class C misdemeanor of simple assault.


Neither of those incidents alone would be all that concerning, and we'd probably buy whatever explanation he had for them. However, they come on the heels of his arrest in February in which he was found drunk sitting in his car in a church parking lot (what is it with this dude and church parking lots?!). Then earlier this month things got even scarier when he crashed his 1998 Trans Am, and police found him lying in the street naked. When they put him in the sqaud car, he threatened to shoot and kill the officers. He was booked for suspicion of driving while intoxicated plus a bonus felony retaliation and obstruction charge.

Add to that the legal drama with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Travis, and suffice it to say it's been quite a year for the singer, and it's sad to see. He's incredibly talented, one of my all-time favorites when it comes to country music. He’s sold more than 20 million records, won seven Grammy Awards, and has countless other feathers in his cowboy hat, so it's particularly painful to see him on such a frightening path.

I hope he has family, friends, or someone who can step in to help him before he self destructs. It would be tragic to see the world stand by as he goes down the tragic path that too many other music legends have.

Are you surprised by Randy Travis' behavior?


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