'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Is Marrying Into a Family of Crazies

emily maynardIf I were Emily Maynard, I'd be pret-ty nervous right now. Not only is she marrying a man she's known for three minutes, she's starting to get a glimpse at what his family is really like, and I'm pretty sure she's not exactly psyched about what she's finding. We heard that Emily might have cheated on Jef with some racy text messages, and it came out later that it was Jef's brother, Mike, who told the story to Us Weekly.

Hmm. So ... she hasn't even set a date yet, and already her fiance's family is selling alleged lies to the tabloids? Why hello there giant, totally conspicuous red flag, how are you doing today?


I hope Emily looks good in crimson because that warning sign of a brother is what she's marrying into, for life. He's gonna be there waiting to take her and Jef down at every corner. Jef admitted to People that his brother's been sort of a black sheep, but hello! This selling lies thing is kind of unforgivable. Jef explains:

I like to give Mike the benefit of the doubt and think he's changed, but obviously he hasn't. He has a history of doing hurtful things to the family. He's been cut off from a lot of family things because he's so dishonest ... as hurt as I am, I love him and I love my family.

This isn't a great foot to start the marriage on -- no one wants to be constantly worried that their brother-in-law is going to spread some vicious rumors about you and your husband at any moment -- so now's decision time for Emily. Does she want a life with Jef and his vindictive brother, Mike? Or does she not.

Guess it comes down to who you love more, Jef or your sanity.

What do you think Emily should do?


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