'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Isn't Crazy to Consider Moving for a Guy

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham isn't one to keep mum about her personal life, so it's no surprise the Teen Mom recently went on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and dished all about her love life. She confessed that she's found love -- with a guy named John Parra, who just happens to call Seacrest "boss." (Well, that dovetails with Farrah's self-promotion strategy, eh?)

The two have been talking on the phone every day for two months. Although they've actually only been out on two dates so far, Farrah's already met John's family and confessed that she would even consider moving from Nebraska to L.A. to be with him. Wow!


Of course we can't help but wonder if Farrah's jumping the gun by thinking of picking up and moving to Hollywood for some guy she's only known for a few weeks. But I'm not so sure ... Judging from what the cute pair told Ryan on the air -- that they had a great time getting sushi with Sophia! and Farrah thinks John's family is "super fun" -- this could be for real. And if that's the case, why shouldn't she give it a real chance by moving? The alternative, of course, would be long distance love, and we all know how well that usually works out!

Four and a half years ago and a little more than a year into our relationship, I packed up and left Manhattan behind upon deciding to move in with my now-fiance in New Jersey. Obviously, we had far less distance between us initially, but it was still easier for our relationship to evolve with me living on the same side of the Hudson River! The same may very well be true for Farrah.

Plus, it's not like she'd be moving somewhere she couldn't flourish in other ways, too. I would venture to guess the ambitious MTV star has had it in the back of her mind to make her way to Hollywood eventually. Because of John, she may just do it sooner rather than later. So, hey, more power to the happy couple. Hope it all works out!

Do you think Farrah's crazy to talk about moving to L.A. for her new BF?


Image via MTV

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