'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Has No Business Slamming Her Sister's Parenting Skills (VIDEO)

Jenelle EvansThink it's hard being one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom? Try being related to them and having your worst parenting moments outed to the entire world without your consent. Troubled star Jenelle Evans did that to sister Ashleigh this week, but just how "bad" this parenting moment was is still up for debate.

Warning, before I share the video that Jenelle claims is her sister dealing with baby Gabriel crying, it's not going to be easy to watch. There is foul language and a mom who yells at her own child. But bear with it, and remember: Ashleigh didn't sign up for her notorious sister to out her as a "psycho" parent to the world:



OK. There it is.

For the first few moments, I wanted to go through the computer screen. How dare she yell and curse at an innocent baby? Not cool ladies, not COOL!

But then I listened. I really listened. I heard a woman who was tired and frustrated, who had a sister (ahem, JENELLE!) sitting there who refused to help her out ... instead she was taping it all! I heard a mom who found it painful to listen to her baby cry.

Is that really psycho? Or is that a bad moment that could happen to any of us?

I remember some of those early days when my daughter would cry and cry, and nothing I could do would stop it. She was fed. Her diaper was dry. She was in comfy clothes. I was right there, holding her, patting her, doing everything I could. And yet, she cried and cried and cried some more. Guess what? There were times I cried too. And there were times when I would put her in the crib and walk away for a few minutes, hoping she would fall asleep, giving myself just enough time to calm down so I could throw myself back into it.

If there's anything that feels more torturous than the lack of sleep during the early days of a baby's life, it's the frustration of not being able to make them stop crying. Frankly, the noise is not very pleasant. like a failure. And even worse, you feel like you're failing your own child.

Now ... imagine someone videotaped you at one of those moments, just as you were breaking down. Wouldn't you sound a little ... psycho?

Keep this all in mind and tell us: do you think Jenelle is right? Is her sister a psycho in this video or just a frustrated mom?


Image via MTV

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