'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Can't Keep Gary Shirley From Moving On

Gary Shirley Amber PortwoodTeen Mom is now in the home stretch, headed in for the season -- and show -- finale. And with every episode, I just feel sorrier and sorrier for Amber Portwood's ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley. Here the guy is essentially a single dad, and when she does bother to make time to see her daughter, she screams and curses at him.

So it should be good news for Gary that Amber is now a guest of the Indiana Department of Corrections, right? He's got custody of Leah (a move we're expected to see in the Teen Mom finale), and he can do whatever he darn well pleases -- both as a dad and a single dude. Well, in theory he can ... in reality ...


Gary still seems to be letting Amber boss him around, even from prison.

Joking around on Twitter recently, Gary shared a photo of himself hanging out with a girl he referred to as his girlfriend. But Gary was quick to follow it up with a second Tweet saying it was all a joke, the mystery female is just a good friend.

And now we know why. When fellow Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans challenged him on how Amber would feel about his new girlfriend, Shirley said there's no new girlfriend ... but things would get "messy."

Messy? Really? She's in prison! They've spent more time on the show broken up than they have together! And in last week's episode, she was still referring to him as "fat" and a "bastard."

Gary needs to maintain a relationship with Amber because she is the mother of his child, and he has custody. Leah is said to talk to her mom at least once a week, and that's probably a good thing for the child. But that's where this ends.

As much as Amber's prison time could be good for her to straighten out that messed up head of hers, it should be good for Gary too. He should finally be letting go of Amber and living ... key words here are "should be."

Does Amber deserve to still control what Gary is up to from prison?


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