Kelly Ripa Didn't Get Her Dream Co-Host but Michael Strahan Is a Good Runner-Up (VIDEOS)

Kelly Ripa and Michael StrahanAfter the search that seemed to drag on for all eternity, the big reveal as to who has been chosen as Kelly Ripa's new co-host on Live! came today. The official announcement isn't supposed to happen until September 4, but then someone went and slipped, and now everyone knows -- Michael Strahan is supposedly the man who will be sitting in the coveted seat.

According to USA Today, a producer at Disney ABC Television Group, who wasn't allowed to talk publicly about the decision, leaked the news, and Strahan it is.

Ripa recently told Us that Anderson Cooper was her dream co-host, but alas that wasn't meant to be what with all of his other shows. So after 58 other guest hosts tried, Strahan, a former NFL star, was deemed the strongest, beating out other front runners like Seth Meyers to fill the shoes of former co-host Regis Philbin.

I've got to say I'm a bit surprised by the choice, but not disappointed. In fact, I think he seems like a great man for the job.


First, because they just look so crazy good together -- Ripa blond and petite at 5'3" and him dark and handsome (love that gap in his teeth!) and TALL at 6'5". It's just such a great contrast, in so many ways.

Most importantly, however, their chemistry is undeniable. Here are several clips from the many times Strahan has appeared on the show. See what you think. In this first one, he was breaking out his "Magic Mike" moves.

Here they are doing Bachelor Theatre:

In this one, there are animals involved.

I'm thinking they're going to be really good together. And now I'm totally fascinated with smelling some bearcat urine (see video number three).

Are you glad to see Michael Strahan selected as the new co-host for Live!?


Image via YouTube

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