'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Jaclyn Got the Hardest Diss of the Season

Blakely Bachelor PadBachelor Pad is never predictable and Monday's show proved that. From last week, it seemed inevitable that either Chris or Blakely was going home and I was thinking good riddance, man! Seriously, aren't we bored yet of their drama? I sure am.

But no such luck as this week's challenge was absolutely tailor made for Blakely, the "35-year" veteran of Hooter's waitressing (what a pathetic claim to fame). Carrying tea cups is like the one thing Blakely can actually do, so when that was the challenge (say what?!) Blakely took it by storm.

Her new partner Tony also won, so she and Tony got a date together for their love connection, which seems to be all the 34-year-old cocktail waitress actually wanted -- a chance to not be the most hard-up woman in house. Ah, love. So sweet.


One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time was Blakely choosing the overnight date with Tony because it was bound to be "fancier." And yet...  Lindzi and Kalon got the diamonds and the Bentley and... the love? What the?

One of the biggest twists and shocks from this season (God I love this show) was that the villain from Emily's season was Kalon who once called Emily Maynard's 6-year-old daughter "baggage", is actually in real, true love. And the person he is in love with? Is the sweet heart from Ben's season. So. Weird.

But whatever. As Blakely well know, nothing is set in stone in Bachelor ville. And when she was expecting a helicopter, she got a trailer! She got camping! As Erica Rose said, "It is very fitting for Blakely." Yep. "Trashy" is about the best way to describe Blakely. But sometimes "trashy" is what you need to be to win. I would not count her out just yet.

On another note, how badly did you feel for Jaclyn when Ed dismissed her? They sleep in the same bed every night and Ed said he does not feel romantic about her at all. Ouch. Still, I don't feel too badly for the incredibly two-faced woman who treated Blakely like dirt. Karma, baby.

*Spoilers ahead

The biggest drama of the evening, though, came during the rose ceremony. There was a "twist" where the woman who was voted off got to choose the man to take with her. So Erica Rose went home, but she took Michael Stagliano with her. Boom! And the game just got good.

Did you see that twist coming?


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