'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja & Ramona Should Have Been There for Aviva

Ramona Singer and Sonja MorganAfter tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York, I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to seeing most when they finally get to St. Barths -- all of the drama that's been building playing out, or the results of what Ramona Singer got done to her ass in the dermatologist's office. Both should be interesting.

The drama started where we ended last week with Aviva Drescher arguing with the holier-than-thou Heather Thomson, and defending Ramona like always. It annoys the hell out of Heather, and things got really heated when Aviva told Heather she was indefensible. Then there they were having a big family play date together. It was a little weird. 


Most of the rest of episode centered around Aviva's charity event/spin class to raise money for children who don't have legs. The Countess was the first to show up, which was impressive, until she slipped and revealed that she had no idea it was for charity, she was just there for a good workout. Oops, but at least they played her song, which made her all sorts of giddy. Carole Radziwill and Heather also made it, but Ramona and Sonja were nowhere to be seen.

Both texted her shortly before the event with separate emergencies -- Ramona had a puffy post-facial face, and Sonja had dog problems. Pretty flimsy excuses, but those were there well-rehearsed stories, and they were sticking to them (and embellishing the hell out of them). While Aviva was understandably pissed (she did just host them for a week in Miami and it was a legitimately good cause), she seemed to get over it and was all smiles and hugs when she went to Ramona's for a little holiday lunch with Carole and Sonja ... for awhile.

Ramona apologized for missing the event and gave her a check for her charity, which was a nice gesture, but Aviva still gave them a piece of her mind, telling them how upset she was that they didn't come. Sonja seemed to be losing her mind, talking about her dog getting embarrassed to wear diapers, and how he might die, and on and on. I get intense pet love, but I think she could have left him for an hour of spinning.

The bottom line is Ramona and Sonja didn't want to be at Aviva's event. If they had (maybe if there was wine served), they would have figured out a way to be there, and they didn't. Aviva called them on it, and good for her. Then they all toasted to assholes, clinked glasses, and seemed to patch things up. Only previews show that's not going to last long when they get to St. Barts. I can't wait to see what makes Aviva call Sonja and Ramona white trash.

Do you think Sonja and Ramona should have showed up to Aviva's charity event?


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