'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci Is No Saint When It Comes to Ryan

Teen MomAs the final season of Teen Mom winds to a close and we prepare ourselves to say good bye to Farrah, Catelynn, Maci, and Amber, one thing is clear: As much as these kids have grown, it's the moms who have grown the most. We have watched these girls go from scared little girls to grown women seemingly overnight.

Most of them are doing really well, too. Farrah is absolutely in the right place. She is focusing on furthering her education and making her daughter her first priority. She is driven and seems to be madly in love with her kid.

Catelynn is also moving forward with the things she said she would, and she and Tyler are as strong as ever. Amber's story is less happy, but she has matured at least a little bit.

But tonight's episode was really all about fan favorite Maci Bookout. She is easily the best mom on the show. And yet ... she is no saint.


Bentley's third birthday was, predictably, a shit storm between Maci and Bentley's father Ryan. At first glance, it seemed like Ryan was being his usual ornery self and making trouble for perfect Maci.

But as a mom myself, I read between the lines a bit and saw how manipulative Maci was being. Sure, Bentley had a say in who he wanted at his party. But Maci already knew Ryan didn't want to come. By allowing Bentley to make that call to his father and grandparents, she passively stuck him in the middle.

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Whether she agrees with him or not, Ryan said he didn't want to come. Maci used Bentley to manipulate him and then got angry at him when he stuck to his guns. Sorry, but in this case, Ryan wins. 

Maci is a great mom, but she isn't without sin. That was a really unfair and cruel thing to do. A mom's job is to protect her child. Period. End of discussion. Maci wasn't protecting Bentley. She used him and pouted when she didn't get her way.

Ryan may not be perfect, but he loves his child. Both of them need to work on their skills in co-parenting. There are 15 more (plus infinity) left to go.

Did you think Maci was in the wrong here?


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