New Jersey Town Braces for 'Snooki & JWoww' Catastrophe

snooki & jwowwOh the humanity! Is it any coincidence that the new location for the next season of Snooki & JWoww is Manchester, New Jersey -- same place where the Hindenburg crashed? Residents there are almost as shaken about the incoming crash of the Jersey girls and their crew. Will the whole town go up into flames? Will there be any survivors?

The production company, 495 Productions, promises the show will not be a catastrophe for Manchester. They swear they've gone door-to-door, talking with residents to assure them that there will be no large explosions or screaming in the sweet, suburban neighborhood. Much. But some neighbors claim they haven't received these reassuring visits. And trucks and equipment are rolling in already. Um... I'm a little worried about the Manchesterites!


Not that Snooki and JWOWW are out of control themselves! Please, pregnant Snooki has retired from the wild life. These are nice girls! Ish. Well, you know. It's everyone else I'm worried about. Will there be snaking cables everywhere? Lights at all hours? Will the Jersey Shore crew show up, and will they be encouraged party on the front lawn? What about the paparazzi?


You're gonna see paps around every street corner now. Good luck grocery shopping because they're in there, trying to capture an unflattering shot of Snooki's growing belly as she reaches for another jar of pickles off the shelves. They're gonna follow JWoww to the gym. So much for a quiet yoga class.

Honestly, all good intentions and community relations aside, I don't see how Manchester can possibly survive the onslaught of Jersey Shore debris that follows Snooki and JWoww everywhere they go. But it's too late. The mayor of the town has already agreed to allow the show to shoot there.

All I can say is, sure hope the fees buy that town some extra teachers and playground equipment. Maybe some free Xanax for every citizen, too!

Do you think it would be a pain in the neck for Snooki and JWOWW to film their show in your town?


Image via MTV

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