'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans & Boyfriend Kieffer Delp Need to Keep Their Clothes On

Jenelle EvansAnother day. Another Jenelle Evans nude photo scandal. It looks like the Teen Mom 2 star's blase attitude about letting boyfriend Kieffer Delp post photos of her naked to Twitter is biting her in the butt big time.

Former boss (and reported ex-boyfriend) James Duffy spent the weekend tweeting photos of Jenelle ... and threatening once again to expose photos of the MTV star in rather delicate positions. Only this time he didn't stop at threats.


Making reference to Jenelle's recent assertion that she's perfectly fine with Kieffer posting nudes of her online, Duffy -- who is embroiled in a cyberstalking case with Jenelle -- said she doesn't care if photos of her nude show up online. After all, he said "she laughed when Kieffer did it."

Oooh, Jenelle! Didn't we see this coming? Couldn't she leave well enough alone? She's given this guy a chance to justify his disgusting behavior, and now she's getting other people in her life caught up in the mess.

OF COURSE her statement didn't mean Jenelle OK'd Duffy releasing photos. And neither did Kieffer. And yet, guess who else showed up online in a rather delicate position this weekend?

Duffy said he was going to release a photo of Jenelle performing oral sex, but when a pal posted the photo, it wasn't Jenelle at all. It was Kieffer. Twitter was busy suspending accounts of anyone who posted the image, including people who were busy Retweeting from Duffy's account, so we are lucky not to have seen the actual photo. But he claims it shows the MTV star's current boyfriend giving oral sex to a man.

Oh. My.

Jenelle comes off a victim again, and this time so does Kieffer. These photos were private, and the people who released them and the people who disseminated them should be ashamed of themselves. There are no excuses.

And yet ... Jenelle could stop if this if she wanted to.

She keeps giving these people a way in. She can't simply stay offline, stop engaging (she was still fighting with Duffy on Twitter all weekend), stop taking naked photos, and just concentrate on getting her life back together. She's the victim here, but that doesn't mean she's innocent. She and Kieffer could avoid all this ... if only they'd actually try!

What do you think of the latest nude photo scandal to hit Jenelle Evans?


Image via MTV

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