'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: The Giudices Get It on in the Grapes & It's Gross

Joe and Teresa GiudiceWell that was the end of "Kumbaya" as the gang from The Real Housewives of New Jersey left their RVs behind and headed to a fancy vineyard. There we saw what was the beginning of the grapes hitting the fan and some footage that will likely scar us for life.

While the big lead up to this episode was the promise of Joe Giudice's big cheating call during Caroline Manzo's 50th birthday dinner, it's what happened afterward that was even more shocking. Oh the call itself was plenty shady, but after Teresa went over to find out who he was talking to and he started  yelling at her, even calling her a r*tard, the two of them headed off, leaving everyone wondering where they went.

The answer was nothing anyone wanted to believe.


But there they were having sex amidst the grapes, just feet away from Caroline's big dinner. Or rather Teresa was forcing herself on Juicy, who pretty much wanted nothing to do with her, asking if she was a whore or what. He finally seemed to relent saying, "Hurry up get it over with." It was ... ewww, just ewww on so many levels.

As the rest of the gang could see them through the vines and hear snippets of their conversation, Richie Wakile said to the cameras, "This guy doesn't even want you in the bedroom, what makes you think he’s going to want to do you on gravel." Ouch.

Their return to the table was beyond uncomfortable. The whole thing was just so desperate; you almost wanted to feel sorry for Teresa. Then, once again, she just went and slapped someone right across their innocent face.

In this case it was Kathy Wakile, who had been feeling left out for the whole trip. Though they talked about the little cookbook incident, Teresa still clearly harbored a grudge. She'd been making all sorts of effort with Melissa Gorga, but when it came to Kathy she had been giving her a cordial but cold shoulder for the entire trip.

Then at their final group dinner, she really let Kathy know she felt with her awkward toast. She thanked the Lauritas, wished Caroline a happy birthday, and told the Gorgas how amazing it was to have spent time with them. That was it. She didn't even acknowledge the Wakiles, even though Kathy was sitting right beside her.

Caroline wouldn't even raise her glass to the mean toast. If it was anyone else, I might have given her the benefit of the doubt, said maybe it was too much wine, maybe she seriously just forgot. But this is Teresa we're talking about, and you know that it was a very pointed slight intended to hurt Kathy. Mission accomplished.

Previews for next week show things getting heated, and chances are almost certain that Teresa will deny the whole thing. She can't use her whole "it was a joke" excuse this time, but I'm sure she'll have some other explanation as to why, once again, this is not her fault at all, or that somehow she's the victim here. She always is. 

Do you think Teresa purposefully snubbed Kathy Wakile during her toast?


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