Kris Humphries' Parents File for Divorce at Worst Possible Time

Kris HumphriesToday is the one year anniversary of the day Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries, and oh what a difference a year makes. Today they're embroiled in a messy divorce that's not likely to end anytime soon; she's Kanye West's "Perfect Bitch"; and Humps is busy serving up subpoenas in a Nordstrom box to take her down. Now adding even more crazy to the whole mess is the fact that Humphries' parents -- Debra and William Humphries are getting divorced too.

According to TMZ, Debra filed for divorce in Minnesota earlier this month. It's a family affair! If rumors are true that Bruce and Kris Jenner are headed for divorce too, they really all should have waited. I'm sure some attorney would have given them a pretty good three-for-one deal.

Seriously though, how awful is their timing?


It seems they could have at least waited until their son's divorce was done before they started theirs, no? No one seems to know how long they've been married, but based on the age of Kris and his older sisters, it's safe to say it's close to 30 years. Would it really have killed them to wait a few more months?

If nothing else it certainly tarnishes his whole holier-than-thou professions about his views on the sanctity of marriage. Not that divorce doesn't happen to good people, but all along he and his family have painted themselves as this solid, mid-western family with the highest of values. Now this. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow try to blame the Kardashians for the whole thing.

In any case, you'd think as parents they'd be able to momentarily put their issues aside for their son. Your parents' divorce is never easy no matter your age, so for Kris to have to deal with this on top of everything else seems like a pretty big burden. I typically have no sympathy for the guy, but this makes me feel at least slightly bad for him.

If they were miserable or there were problems too big deal with they could have moved to separate homes, kept their distance, or whatever they needed to do for awhile. Formally filing for divorce now, however, seems like it can only add more heartache to what's already a huge headache of a mess for all involved. 

Do you think Kris Humphries parents should have waited to file for divorce?


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