'Teen Mom' Farrah's New Music Video Is Not So Bad It's Good -- It's Just Bad (VIDEO)

teen mom farrah songI almost have no words for this, but since it's my job to find some, I'm just going to ramble incoherently about how Teen Mom Farrah Abraham needs to find someone in her life that will save her from herself, because this music video (and I'm being generous calling it a music video) is evidence that there is no one out there who is telling her the truth. Anyone who sat back and let her post her original recording of her song "On My Own" on YouTube is doing Farrah, and the nation, a dire disservice.


It's so bad. SO bad. But not in a fun oh it's so bad ha ha ha kind of way like Paris Hilton's sexting song, or Rebecca Black's "Friday." It's bad, as in sad. I watched the thing slack-jawed, then I picked up the phone and called my mother and thanked her for sending me to an all-girls high school lest I be an auto-tuned teen mom destined for Internet infamy.

In the song, Farrah says she wants to be alone, then follows it up with "not really, not really." Deep. Then there's the part about her being behind the swing? Being a pusher? I'm not sure.

Then, when you get over trying to understand what Farrah's singing, you start to notice that there's no rhythm to the song. There are words and there is a beat (ish), but they don't go together.

Her first foray into the music biz wasn't received with much praise, and this latest song won't win her any fans either, but like I said, I hope someone sits her down and forces her to face the harsh reality that music just ain't her thing. I don't think she, or we, can handle it if she releases another tune.

See for yourself:

What do you think of Farrah's new music video?


Photo via pafarrahabraham/YouTube

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