Move Over, Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Lochte Wants Blake Lively to Be His Bachelorette (VIDEO)

Ryan LochteJeez, friends, what is it about Ryan Lochte? It seems that he is taking over the world recently. The Olympic medalist will be making a cameo appearance on 90210, a show I was surprised to learn is still producing new episodes, and he's gunning to be featured on Dancing With the Stars as well as The Bachelor. I mean, he's super hot, he's famous ... why not?

Luckily for the entire world, there's some hilariously awkward footage of Ryan filming his cameo appearance on 90210 and his reaction to how, like, difficult acting can, like, really, like, be. Then, as he spoke about how he wishes the people from The Bachelor would just cast him already, we get a ridiculously cheesy one-liner that will hopefully help producers figure out that the show could actually be full of pure comedic gold.


One lucky lady was able to chat with Ryan on set. I have a lot of admiration for her for not drooling on him. So, according to him, what's the hardest part of acting?

"Memorizing lines, and trying to, like, say them and still, like, do movement and all that. That was hard."

Listening to him get through that sentence was even harder. I think I saw more strain on his face getting that out than during the Olympic Games. Ah, the life of a celebrity. But you gotta love the gem at the end when talking about his Bachelor aspirations:

"You know what, uh, before, I was training so much that I didn't have time for a girlfriend. And because I wanted to give that perfect someone, like, my heart ... I definitely want to settle down."

You have to listen to him deliver it. It's just so ... there are no words. But, what's this, oh no, frownie face, it sounds like Blake Lively is actually his perfect girl so ... the rest of us are pretty much out of the running. Wouldn't that be amazing if she made a guest appearance on The Bachelor?

Watch this gem of an interview for yourself:

Hey, look, I know Ryan never pretended to be a genius, and I think he's going to make it in this reality/acting world on sheer personality (or lack thereof) alone. Jeah! I also love how the interviewer just couldn't keep her eyes off of his amazing body -- and those dimples. Sigh. Blake, if you ever decide to be single again (sorry Ryan Reynolds), I imagine a lot of hot sex and awkward conversations in your future with Ryan Lochte.

And I've never seen a season of The Bachelor, but if Ryan's the next star -- you bet your ass I'll be watching.

Are you a Ryan Lochte fan? Will you be tuning in to his 90210 appearance?


Image via Access Hollywood

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