'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Questions If Jionni Is Ready for Fatherhood

Snooki & JWOWWThe horror that was the trip to Cancun finally came to an end on tonight's episode of Snooki & JWOWW. Poor Snooki spent the last night alone in the hotel crying to her dad that she didn't want to live with Jenni anymore, while Jenni and the girls partied it up in a bar the size of a small city. Things got even more fun when Jenni woke everyone up the next morning while fighting with Roger.

It was her insecurity again that was at the root of their problem. When she decided to come home a day early, Roger didn't want to change the plans he'd made to go out with the boys. Jenni, predictably, flipped out and tried to guilt him/whine/scream until he caved. But he wasn't caving.

Snooki quickly put her ill feelings about Mexico aside to comfort Jenni, which was sweet, and showed how strong their friendship is.


Back home, the fighting resumed, and Roger wouldn't budge on going out with the guys, including Jionni. He told Jenni that she should be with her ex-boyfriend "Tom," and that they were perfect together. That was a huge slap to Jenni, and plenty of hysterics followed. By the time they hung up, she wasn't sure if they'd broken up or not.

The morning after the guys went out, Snooki called Jionni to see what had happened so she could report to Jenni. Along the way she got suspicious that he'd been hanging out with girls and let her own insecurity surface.

So she stalked him on Twitter and found pictures of Jionni posing with a bunch of girls from the night before. They were actually "touching skin" on their hands (gasp!), and that horrified Snooki. But they were totally innocent. From there she took a page from Jenni's book and freaked the hell out, questioning if Jionni was ready to get married and be a father.

When Jionni turned the table and questioned if she was ready to be a mother, she hung up on him. I felt sorry for him as she was being totally irrational and he's done nothing but prove he's going to be a good father. Going out with the guys and talking to some star-struck girls does not a bad dad make.

We know they end up working it out and there's no calling off of the engagement, so that's good. I'm sure part of her behavior was due to pregnancy hormones, but I also think that Jenni's insecurity and love for drama in her relationship may be a bit contagious. Jenni and Nicole are good for one another in many ways, but this isn't one of them. They both need to ease up on their men a little bit or their men are going to ease on down the road at some point.

Do you think Snooki was overreacting?


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